How Are Auto Insurance Rates Calculated

How Are Auto Insurance RatesĀ Calculated?

The primary factors impacting auto insurance
rates are the 6 parts of an auto insurance policy. Rates are
generally based on:

  • The coverage types you choose from among the 6.
  • The amounts of coverage in a specific part.
  • The amount of deductible you choose. In most cases, the
    higher the auto policy deductible, the lower the premium

Several other factors impact auto insurance
rates. You’ll probably pay less if any of the following

  • Your previous driving record does
    not include tickets, accidents and claims.

  • Your home address is outside an
    urban area where more accidents and thefts are likely to

  • Your credit rating is high.

  • You are older than 25.

  • You are female.

  • You are married.

  • You own a make and model vehicle
    not prone to theft, or driven at higher speeds.

How Are Auto Insurance Rates Calculated
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