Pennsylvania non standard auto insurance questions.


 Frequently Asked Questions about PA Non Standard Auto Policies
Q: If my car broke down and had to be towed, would my insurance cover it?
 A:If you purchase optional towing
coverage, auto insurance will reimburse towing costs up to a stated
dollar amount. Many of the insurance policies we offer include this
Q: I’ve heard I should have 100/300/50 coverage. What does that mean?
  A:The first two figures – 100 and 300
– represent “bodily injury” liability. It means that if you’re at fault
in an accident, your policy will pay up to $100,000 per person but no
more than $300,000 per accident for bodily injury that you cause to
others. The third figure – 50 – is for property damage liability. This
would pay up to $50,000 for damage you caused to property of others in
an accident…
Q: I have tickets and accidents on my driving record. How long will these
incidents impact my premium?
  A:Depending on the insurance company,
accidents and certain traffic violations and tickets increase your auto
insurance costs for 3 to 5 years after the incidents happened.
Q: What is an SR-22 (sometimes called SR1P)?
  A:SR-22 is a form showing that you  have auto insurance. Your state may require you to file this form if  you’ve been identified as a high-risk driver. Some examples of high risks are drunk or reckless driving, getting a lot of traffic tickets in
a short period, and causing an accident while uninsured. Back .

Q: What auto insurance payment options are available??
  A:Monthly, quarterly, semiannual and
annual payment options are common choices. If you choose to make more
than one payment, you may be charged a minimal payment processing fee
for each additional payment.
Q: My teenager just received their learner’s permit. Do I need to change my auto policy?
  A:Some auto
insurers add teen drivers only when they get a valid driver’s license.
Other companies want you to add a teen driver immediately. We can help
find out which applies to you
Q: My friend caused an accident while driving my car. Whose insurance will cover this?
  A:In many
instances, your insurance company would pay damages your friend caused.
If you live in a state where no-fault insurance is provided, your
friend’s insurance company would cover his or her personal injuries.
Q: When I came out of the store, my parked car was damaged. Am I covered?
  A:Your insurance agent can answer
most of your questions. Contact us with your questions about auto
Q: I was in an accident that wasn’t my fault. Should I still report it to my
insurance company ?
  A:Yes. Even if you’re not at fault,
an insurance company needs to conduct an investigation so it can protect
your interests in case the accident causes legal problems later. Back .
Q: How do I find out more about my auto insurance policy?
  A:Your insurance agent can answer
most of your questions. Contact us with questions you have about your
auto insurance policy
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