Producing proof of financial responsibility.

 Meeting Pennsylvania financial responsibility requirements.

Upon registering a motor vehicle or renewing a motor vehicle registration, the owner of the motor vehicle shall be deemed to have given consent to produce proof, upon request, to the Department of Transportation or a police officer that the vehicle registrant has the financial responsibility required by this chapter. Proof of financial responsibility may be satisfied by production of a financial responsibility identification card in paper or electronic form. If an owner of a motor vehicle is providing electronic proof of financial responsibility to a police officer, the police officer shall only view content that is reasonably necessary to demonstrate proof of financial responsibility. The owner of the electronic device assumes liability for any damage to the electronic device containing the financial responsibility identification card while in possession of the police officer or agents of the department.

Suspension of registration and operating privilege.

The Pebbsylvania Department of Transportation shall suspend the registration of a vehicle for a period of three months if it determines the required financial responsibility was not secured as required by this chapter and shall suspend the operating privilege of the owner or registrant for a period of three months if the department determines that the owner or registrant has operated or permitted the operation of the vehicle without the required financial responsibility. The operating privilege shall not be restored until the restoration fee for operating privilege  (relating to reinstatement of operating privilege or vehicle registration) is paid.

Whenever the department revokes or suspends the registration of any vehicle under this chapter, the department shall not restore or transfer the registration until the suspension has been served or the civil penalty has been paid to the department and the vehicle owner furnishes proof of financial responsibility in a manner determined by the department and submits an application for registration to the department, accompanied by the fee for restoration of registration.

An owner of a motor vehicle who ceases to maintain financial responsibility on a registered vehicle shall not operate or permit operation of the vehicle in this Commonwealth until proof of the required financial responsibility has been provided to the Department of Transportation.

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