Auto Body Repair Shops and non standard auto policies.

Under Pennsylvania insurance regulations, an insurance company cannot require  that an automobile be repaired at a specific repair shop.  

However,  an insurance company can recommend that an automobile be repaired at a specific  repair shop under certain conditions:

  • If an insurance company recommends a particular repair shop, it must do so in writing.
  • The written disclosure must inform the consumer of the right to select the repair shop.
  • If a consumer agrees to use an insurance company recommended repair shop, the insurance company must restore the damaged vehicle to its condition prior to the accident or loss.
  • The insurance company must stand behind the repairs if the vehicle is not repaired properly by the recommended auto repair shop.
  • A consumer cannot be required to travel an unreasonable distance to obtain a repair estimate or to have an automobile repaired at a specific repair shop.

If the vehicle is repaired in a shop chosen by the consumer, then the  insurance company must pay the reasonable costs to repair the vehicle in a  workmanlike manner.  If the consumer’s chosen shop charges more than the  reasonable costs, then the consumer may be responsible for these additional  expenses.